Friday, 6 July 2018

(The Star) Vertice in strategic alliance MoU with Smuzcity

PETALING JAYA: Vertice Bhd, formerly known as Voir Holdings Bhd , has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Smuzcity Bhd to form a strategic alliance to collaborate for opportunities for qualified real properties to be considered for a structured smart hotel chain business.

Vertice said in a statement that via this MoU, it would provide its knowledge and experience in the construction industry to contribute towards works for the design, construction and renovation for the chain of hotels.

Smuzcity on the other hand will offer solutions for real property owners to participate in a structured hotel chain programme, in areas of work relevant to properties management, hotel operations, online marketing and distribution channels including online booking engine, online and offline travel agents, software and hardware implementation.

A formal project agreement will be entered between the parties on terms to be mutually agreed upon within 12 months from the date of the MoU. If the project agreement is not signed within that period, then the MoU will lapse but can be mutually extended for another 12 months.

Incorporated in Malaysia, Smuzcity’s principal activities are providing unstaffed hotel solutions and property management services. Its intention is to expand its portfolio of unstaffed hotels to 100 within the next few years.

Smuzcity intends to develop and build a “smart hotel” chain, which operates based on “unmanned” and “cashless” concepts, allowing hotel guests to experience a futuristic lifestyle with advanced technology.

Vertice is in the diversified business of fashion retailing and construction.