Thursday, 22 February 2018

(NST) Federal Territories to build 80,000 units of affordable homes under RUMAWIP

KUALA LUMPUR: Having a home is considered one of the most basic necessities in life. A good home is one that will provide comfort and security for its occupants.

As such, the Federal Territories Ministry had, on April 8, 2013, launched the Federal Territories Affordable Home Programme (RUMAWIP) to provide 80,000 units of affordable homes in the Federal Territories within five years. These encompass 55,000 units in Kuala Lumpur, 20,000 units in Putrajaya and 5,000 units in Labuan.

RUMAWIP aims to assist middle-income earners who reside or work in the Federal Territories with a household income not exceeding RM15,000 per month (married) and RM10,000 (single) to own their own homes. The price of the houses under RUMAWIP has been set at not more than RM300,000 per unit.

These affordable homes will also be equipped with basic amenities tailored to the needs and comfort of today's residents. Various incentives have been given to developers involved in RUMAWIP to encourage them to get involved in providing these affordable homes.

As of August 2017, 67,892 units or 85% of the targeted number of homes under the RUMAWIP implementation have been built, taking into account projects that have been approved right up till completion stage. Under the RUMAWIP policy, priority is given to residents who have yet to own homes in the Federal Territories; each household is entitled to only one house. This is to maintain RUMAWIP prices at affordable levels and to keep house prices from soaring, allowing more low and middle-income earners to become home owners.

Prices for RUMAWIP homes with built-up areas of 800 sq ft and above, offering three bedrooms and two bathrooms are set at RM300,000 and less, below the current market price. They come fully equipped with facilities such as security surveillance, carpark, surau, nursery, game courts, multipurpose hall and children's playground. The homes are also strategically located near schools and transportation hubs for the convenience of residents. Some RUMAWIP projects also come with facilities similar to condominiums such as swimming pool, futsal courts, clinics and a gymnasium.

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