Monday, 3 July 2017

(The Star) Plans to build two more affordable housing projects

LABIS: Plans, are in the pipeline, to develop two housing projects in Chaah and Labis under the Johor Affordable Homes Scheme (RMMJ).

Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong said that the state government was in the midst of negotiations to acquire private lands to build RMMJ houses here.

The Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister said about 40 to 50 landed properties were expected to be developed on 2.02ha land following land acquisition from the Achi Jaya plantation in Chaah.

He added that another 2.02ha to 4.04ha of land would be acquired in Labis to build 374 houses for locals.

“The projects are in line with meeting the people’s demands, as there are not many affordable homes in the area, resulting in many renting homes for over 20 to 30 years.

Chua presenting Hari Raya aid to recipients during the open house.

“We hope there will be some good news on the projects this year, as the state government is still in negotiations to acquire the lands,” he told reporters during the Labis parliamentary Hari Raya open house here.

Chua said that the home affordability issue was a matter of concern not only in Malaysia but also regionally in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Phillipines and Vietnam.

He commended the state government’s efforts in putting Johor’s surplus into good use by acquiring land for the development of RMMJ homes.

“I urge residents to continue applying for RMMJ homes via its official website to show that there is demand from the people.

“Many of them have verbally requested for affordable homes to be built, here, but they do not submit the application,” said Chua.

During the open house, Chua also presented Hari Raya aid, through the Welfare Department, to 700 Malay families.