Monday, 10 July 2017

(The Star) Apply for high-rise units under affordable housing schemes, bumiputras urged

KLUANG: Bumiputra housebuyers are urged to take advantage of the state government’s initiative to provide affordable housing and not just wait for landed properties.

Housing and Local Government committee chairman Md Jais Sarday said the take up rate of high-rise Johor Affordable Homes Scheme (RMMJ) at two projects in Johor Baru was low.

“In two RMMJ projects in Taman Molek and Taman Denai Nusan-tara, more than half of the houses that have yet to be sold are bumi lots.

“Both projects have about 264 units of unsold bumiputra lots,” he said, adding that each unit was priced at RM150,000.

Md Jais said that if these units could not be sold, then they need to open them up to other non-bumi buyers as the developers could not hold on to the units for too long.

He urged those interested to buy such homes to get in touch with the state secretariat for housing in Kota Iskandar.

Md Jais urged buyers not to be choosy and instead apply for these units.

Md Jais said this during a Hari Raya gathering at his house in Kluang here.

Meanwhile, on the glut of unsold bumiputra properties in the state as reported in The Star earlier, Md Jais said that out of the 88,558 properties unsold in the state, at least 21,972 units were apartments and service apartments.

“We will have a meeting with the Johor Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (Redha) on July 16 to discuss the glut of unsold bumiputra properties,” he said.

The Star had earlier reported on a glut of bumiputra properties worth tens of millions of ringgit, comprising condominiums, apartments, shoplots, industrial lots, land, workshops and luxury houses.

This has caused developers to face a lot of constraints, including cash flow as a result of holding on to the bumi units for long periods.

Johor Rehda chairman Datuk Steve Chong said the issue of unsold bumi lots was a problem faced by all developers.

All projects in Johor are required to set aside a 40% portion as bumi units,” he said, adding that previously, the unsold bumi lots were released in stages after a period of nine months.

Chong said they also hoped the state government would lower the ceiling price for foreigners to own high-rise properties from the RM1mil set to RM500,000.

“We also support the government’s move to build more affordable homes in Johor but they must first lower the development cost, especially the various fees imposed by state agencies.

“These charges are passed on to consumers, causing the prices of properties to increase,” he added.