Thursday, 22 June 2017

(The Star) Tanjung Malim to be developed in the next five years

International Trade and Industry Minister II Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan hopes to see Tanjung Malim progress in terms of development in the next five years.

The Tanjung Malim MP said the government wants to create lots of residential areas for the youth but his administration also realises the need for better job opportunities and connectivity.

Speaking to reporters after distributing Hari Raya contributions to students of SK Proton City, Ong said there are lots of plans for the town earmarked as 1Malaysia Youth City and Proton City.

“We want to create an industrial area to assist in Proton’s development. Many of the new Proton models are made here and we need the tools for these cars.

“We are negotiating with several international electronic companies to set up their factories here.

“In the future, cars would be full of electronics and this will only boost the development of Tanjung Malim,” he added.

With the development of the area, Ong said it can attract youths to settle down in Tanjung Malim and encourage them not to migrate to big cities in the country.

He hopes to see everything in place in the next five years and the minister said it is only more economical to establish a new industrial area here.

“We are also talking to some of the estate owners here to set up electronic factories on their land because most of the land in Tanjung Malim is privately owned.

“If all goes well, I expect to see more than 10,000 jobs being created in this town.

“We need the momentum and I am confident that will happen,” he said.

At SK Proton City, Ong told parents that he would do whatever it takes to make sure their children stay and work in Tanjung Malim in the future.

“That is my contribution to you. I want to see our youths working here. Most of our youths these days migrate to big cities but in the future, that will reduce.

“To the children here, study well and also learn to be good human beings. There is no point getting lots of A’s when your attitude is not right.”

Ong gave away contributions worth RM50 to each student and there were 284 students at the event.

“This is my way of telling them to study hard and do well in their life,” he told reporters.