Wednesday, 3 May 2017

(The Star) Trial run for new traffic flow

Turning at a junction into a two-way street without traffic lights can be a headache because you are cutting across the right-of-way of oncoming traffic.

A downright maddening instance of this is at the Weld Quay and Chulia Street Ghaut T-junction in Penang.

Many vehicles from Weld Quay are turning right here while those from Chulia Street Ghaut want the same.

To top it off, nearly every Rapid Penang bus out of the Weld Quay ferry terminal needs to make that right turn at this junction to reach Komtar.

From May 21, there will be no more right turn from Chulia Street Ghaut into Weld Quay.

Penang Island City Council (MBPP) Infrastructure and Traffic Committee alternate chairman Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik (pic) said the new system would first be put on a three-month trial.

Victoria Street, between Chulia Street Ghaut and Prangin Street Ghaut, along with its crossroads will also be made into one-way streets.

Muhammad Bakhtiar said cars from Chulia Street Ghaut that wanted to turn right to reach Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway should use Victoria Street via Malay Street Ghaut, Armenian Street Ghaut or Prangin Street Ghaut.

“We are giving priority to Rapid Penang buses to turn from Weld Quay into Chulia Street Ghaut, while spreading traffic from the heritage site to the expressway into three junctions further down the road.

“This junction can cause a bad snarl all the way to the expressway near Macallum Street during peak hours.”

Muhammad Bakhtiar also warned that the council would step up traffic enforcement near the clan jetties by clamping or towing away cars parked illegally along the stretch.