Monday, 27 February 2017

(NST) Long wait but worth it, say Residensi Kerinchi residents

KUALA LUMPUR: After a wait of more than six years, 472 families finally got to move into their new homes at 'Residensi Kerinchi', which was officially opened by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today. 

"We were very worried that the project, when it took off in 2010, would be abandoned; it would have been the end of our dream to have our very own home," expressed former residents of Flat Empat Tingkat, Kampung Kerinchi here. 

Obviously their fears upon being informed that the project was going to be delayed, were unfounded. 

The families now occupy three bedroom-two bathroom units measuring 83.61 sq metres each, in an abode called Residensi Kerinchi which used to site their old Flat Empat Tingkat one-bedroom or 'studio' units, between 1971 and 2010. 

Residensi Kerinchi Residents Association chairman Ahmad Rahman said the six years' wait was worth it. 

"Our situation at the flat was really deplorable. Besides cleanliness issues that posed health risks such as rats and garbage, the premises was also a den for drug addicts. 

"But with assistance from the government and the developer, our desire to own a home has been fulfilled," he told Bernama. 

When the project took off the ground in 2010, the residents were relocated to a transit housing area at PPR Kerinchi with each family getting a RM5,000 relocation allowance from the developer. 

Senior citizen Siti Rohani Idris, 67, was excited about her family's new home at Residensi Kerinchi, "which is much better than I ever dreamt". 

"We received the house keys in January and when we entered our unit we were amazed. It is like living in a condominium, because other than security, we also have a mini playground, and a swimming pool! 

"Because the developer did not encourage us to hang our clothes to dry after washing, it gave each unit a washing machine with a dryer," she said. 

She said the developer also provided each family with an RM8,000 allowance to relocate to Residensi Kerinchi. 

Meanwhile, developer Suez Domain Sdn Bhd's director, Datuk Yasran Hussain said the project should have been completed in March 2016. 

"Each family received RM1,250 monthly for eight months when the project was delayed and we did not substitute the value with other alternatives but gave them cash," he said. 

He said the Residensi Kerinchi project was close to his heart as it was not solely about profit but improving the living quality of the bumiputera community that had made their home in the now considered, elite area. 

"During the handing over of keys last January, many of the elderly citizens were overcome with emotion and also brought to mind family members who had passed away and did not get the chance to see their new homes. 

"Some of the residents were so excited that as soon as they received their keys, they began moving in and didn't mind forking out the transportation costs even though we said we would be providing free transportation," he said. 

Kerinchi Residensi which sits on 2.8 hectares that was formerly Kampung Kerinchi on which stood a four-storey flat, comprises 472 apartment units. 

The project cost about RM600 million and each unit is valued between RM350,000 and RM400,000. - BERNAMA