Monday, 29 February 2016

(The Star) Sourcing India’s expertise

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
According to the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report, India is eighth on the list of fastest-growing economies in the world.
Mirroring the pace of the economy, medical organisations in India have a reputation for building their facilities quickly, some in less than a year.
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman council’s working visit to India has inspired them to build the Sultan Azlan Shah Hospital near the Kampar campus in less than nine months.
At the press conference held at the Grand Kampar Hotel, Utar council chairman Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik said the Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Centre in Hyderabad constructed their hospital in nine months.
“During our trip there, we learnt from them. Dr Ratnam Mullapudi, the chairman of the hospital, has been key in making the hospital efficient and affordable for the people.
“We are planning to follow Usha Mullapudi’s framework and we will try to complete some parts of the hospital in less than nine months,” he said.
Dr Ling recently visited two well-known hospitals in India to learn more about their models and practices – the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital (SSSSH) in Nayar Raipur, Chhattisgarh and the Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Centre.
The visit together with Utar R&D and commercialisation vice-president Prof Dr Lee Sze Wei, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) Emeritus Prof Dr Cheong Soon Keng, FMHS Deputy Dean of Academic Development and Undergraduate Programmes Emeritus Prof Dr Boo Nem Yun, Datuk Dr Neoh Soon Bin and Datin Mah Swee Bee aimed to look at good approaches and practices to adopt for Utar’s hospital which is also a not-for-profit hospital.
He said the visit was “very fruitful” as they signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SSSSH to have exchange visits for cardiology specialists, surgeons and students once Hospital Sultan Azlan Shah was completed.
“SSSSH was kind enough to promise us assistance in making the new hospital the regional paediatric centre in the Asean region,” he added.
The visits also explored opportunities for collaborations such as educational visits, training, placements and staff and student exchanges.
Dr Ling hopes that part of the hospital will be operational by year end.
On Feb 1, he said the planned hospital in Kampar, Perak, will focus on paediatric cardiology, as he saw the need for this speciality in the country.
The former MCA president added that the new hospital would double as a teaching hospital.
“I hope that Hospital Sultan Azlan Shah will be able to give good training to medical graduates and serve the Asean community.
“We also want parents to have hands-on experience during the training. It is not only for students, doctors and nurses but for mothers and fathers too,” he said.
The specialist training hospital will offer treatment using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as well as Western or conventional medicine.

(The Star) Tourism boost for Sabah and S’wak

SIBU: The Tourism and Culture Ministry is ready to work with airlines in Europe, Japan, Korea and China to provide direct chartered flights to Sabah and Sarawak in a move to boost the tourism industry in the two states.
Its minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, said this after attending a Chinese New Year gathering with 140 orphans at Methodist Childrens’ Home on Saturday.
He said they would start by targeting the Chinese market.
He said he would also work with travel agents for the direct chartered flights to become a reality.
“There are a lot of Chinese from second and third tier cities in China who want to visit Malaysia.
“But they need to take flights from Beijing and Shanghai to come here. We can organise chartered flights so that they can fly direct from any city, such as Wuhan, Chongjin and Tiangjin to here,” he added.
Nazri said the effluent Chinese tourists prefer Borneo as the natural landscape, wildlife and sea attract them.
“They have their own big cities so the rural areas in Sabah and Sarawak excite them, besides the lure of cheaper cost of living here compared to elsewhere,” he added.
Tourists from China, he said, feel at home when coming to the state as the people here also speak the Foochow, Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese dialects.
The wider usage of English in the state is another plus point for the Chinese tourists.
The minister said the harsh winter season in China is a good time to draw Chinese tourists here, as shown by a surge in tourists arrivals from the country from December to February each year.
On the country’s ranking as the eleventh most popular destination by tourists worldwide last year, he said they hoped to maintain it this year as well.
“2016 is a good year as from December to February we received many tourists from China, Japan and Europe due to the cold winter. We are expecting this year to be a better year for us,” he said.
At the event, Nazri presented ang pow to the children.
He was accompanied by Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh.

(The Star) Good news for massage parlours offering health treatments

MALACCA: Massage parlours providing health therapies will be allowed to operate outside Taman Melaka Raya from next month.
This is seen as a move by the Malacca government to liberalise the entertainment-centric tourism sector.
Currently, these massage parlours are only permitted to operate at Taman Melaka Raya but some operators were providing additional services deemed unsavoury.
Malacca Historic City Council (MBMB) special officer Mohd Yusof Abu Hassan said the government had decided to relax the conditions for massage parlours to be opened outside Taman Melaka Raya, especially at the Taman Kota Laksamana area, to encourage growth of these areas as tourist attractions.
“The decision to lift the rigid regulations for operators of such outlets was made by the government following complaints from businessmen that Taman Melaka Raya's infamy as a red light area had affected those who want to provide genuine health therapies and also drove away foreigners from patronising the outlets.
“Some local customers demanded additional services and genuine operators in Taman Melaka Raya were forced to put up signs to state there are no “happy endings”,” he said.
Mohd Yusof said as these outlets are currently situated in areas under MBMB's jurisdiction, the government has placed the onus on the local council to issue the licences, wisely.
“MBMB is managing a large area classified as entertainment enclave within its jurisdiction and we will now start processing the applications for massage parlours in the other permitted areas,” he said.
Furthermore, Mohd Yusof said Taman Melaka Raya experiences traffic snarls every weekends and the popular outlets within the core of Malacca's commercial hub were brimming with customers every weekend.
He said only massage parlours providing genuine services and situated along the main roads would be given the licence to operate outside Taman Melaka Raya.
“The ambience must be high-class without any individual rooms.
“We are looking at traditional Thai, Indonesian and Chinese methods of masages with trained masseurs," he said.
Mohd Yusof said two state executive council members, Datuk Lim Ban Hong and Datuk Ismail Othman, have been tasked to meet and outline the government's conditions before operating at the professional massage parlours at newly gazetted entertainment zones.
“Our intention was also to onlygive licences to those who could bring in trained masseurs.
“The aspect of trained masseurs was emphasised following complaints that some foreigners were rude and rough when massaging their customers,” he said.
Mohd Yusof said the government also does not intend to stop foreigners from patronising entertainment outlets in the city.
He said bars with three-piece bands or piped-in light music will be also given licences to operate in Taman Kota Laksamana.
“The move aims to allow local bands to have a platform to showcase their talents as well as earn an income,” he said.
Mohd Yusof said MBMB has also started to act against entertainment outlets that were tarnishing the image of Taman Melaka Raya.
He said three dirty outlets were ordered to close for a week recently.
He said rats and cockroaches were found in dark corners of these outlets.
“I don’t understand how the customers can sit inside dirty outlets with rats and cockroaches running about.
“We have given the respective owners a week to clean up their premises or face having their licences revoked,” he added.

(The Star) Dekat Je app expected to help boost tourism

JOHOR BARU: The launching of a new tourist guide smart device application aptly named Dekat Je is expected to help achieve the Government’s target of boosting domestic tourism to 66.8 million people this year.
Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin said that the application was created to help tourists efficiently plan out and manage their vacations at desired destinations in the country.
Up to date, the app which was officially launched recently, has already been downloaded by 1,000 smartphone users.
“We are confident of achieving our target to increase the number of domestic tourists this year with such initiatives taken to promote tourism in Malaysia,” she said after launching the Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia Dekat Je Travel Fair 2016 here on Friday.
Mas Ermieyati also said that the app, which could be accessible for free, not ony contained information relating to popular tourism destinations but also the less-travelled yet unique tourism locations.
On top of that, the app will continuously be updated with attractive offers and the ministry is looking into adding more features for the convenience of travellers, she added.
Meanwhile, Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Seri Mirza Mohammad Taiyab said that tourist arrivals from Singapore had dwindled last year, as the republic had been actively promoting domestic tourism in their own country.
Singapore launched a campaign on domestic tourism to encourage their people to travel within the island republic throughout the year, which affected the number of the Singaporean tourists in Malaysia.
“However, we are expecting the figures to increase this year, with more attractive promotions to be offered by the ministry,” he added.

(The Star) SMEs urged to use e-marketing strategy to expand their businesses

PONTIAN: The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should look at e-marketing to expand their market reach beyond the domestic market.
Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan said online marketing could bring about a big impact in the revenue and profitability areas.
“The market is becoming borderless and we should embrace technology as part of the marketing tool for our products,” he said.
Ahmad said this in a press conference at the opening of Pontian Entrepreneurs Expo 2016 in Benut near here on Saturday.
He said by utilising the online business modules, the SMEs as well as individual entrepreneurs have a better chance of capturing a bigger market base compared to when depending on the conventional business model.
Separately, Ahmad suggested that the state government organises trade fairs or expositions at the district-level regularly to assist the SMEs in expanding their business.
He said that the move would complement the initiatives taken by the Federal Government which had been assisting the SMEs to promote their products at the national level.
“Go for the district level as the approach taken will be totally different from the national level,” added Ahmad.
He said the respective state government’s would then have a better understanding of the market or demand in each district in their states.
Ahmad said demand for products in each district might be different in every state and this would give the SMEs a better understanding of the needs or preferences of their customers.

(The Star) Garden party with a scenic view

It was a Chinese New Year open house like no other as more than 100 guests enjoyed a garden party overseeing the Penang Turf Club.
Besides good food, there was also a lion dance performance during the celebration at the Kensington Gardens in Jalan Brook recently.
Guests also had a chance to check out the Kensington Gardens project at a temporary exhibition gallery.
Berjaya Land Berhad property marketing general manager Teh Baizura Mohsin said the public as well as clients were invited for the celebration.
“This is an opportunity for them to see the progress of the development,” she said.
She said almost 60% of the Kensington Gardens lots had been sold out.
The RM900mil Jesselton Villas project, sited in the heart of the island, will see the 58-acre freehold land surrounded by lush vistas and a pristine forest hillside.
For more details, visit the Berjaya property office at Penang Turf Club (Golf Section), call 04-2260682 or log in to

(The Star) Society opens branch in Seberang Prai to spur interest in invention

The Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) has set up a branch in Seberang Prai.
The Seberang Prai Chapter is chaired by Datuk Dr Cheah Cheng Huat with Loh Jih Keat as the vice-chairman.
Elected committee officials include secretary Chew Choon Kian, treasurer Cheah Kae Yuann and committee members Chin Mary, Ahmad Ezzat Ismail, Yip Feei Yen, Loong Kok Poay and A. Subahthira.
Dr Cheah said he worked hard to form the chapter as it was a good cause.
“The success of the Design Thinking Boot Camp held at the SMJK Chung Ling in Butterworth in October 2014 led to the formation of this chapter.
“MINDS can help develop ideas and interest in invention, innovation and design for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and also the general public in all fields.
“I really hope to see some inventions and innovations from Seberang Prai in years to come,” he said during the inauguration of MINDS Seberang Prai Chapter at the SMK Tun Hussein Onn in Seberang Jaya near Butterworth recently.
Cheah urged the national MINDS to provide professional and technical guidance from time to time to the chapter.
MINDS national secretary Dr Loo Koi Sang urged more people to get involved.
“Our vision is to make Malaysia the centre of excellence for invention and industrial design through MINDS.
“Our mission is to encourage Malaysians to be creative and inventive as well as advise, guide and assist them in the utilisation of their inventions and designs,” he said.
MINDS was founded in 1986. It is the largest body in Malaysia representing individuals, universities and companies who pursue excellence in invention, creativity, innovation, research and development, and industrial design.
MINDS is responsible for promoting high standards of invention and design, fostering professionalism and encouraging continuing professional development amongst its members.

(The Star) Aboard a culinary flight of fancy

The first guests of Dinner In The Sky Malaysia’s Penang run waxed lyrical about the novelty of feasting on gourmet delights 45m above George Town.
State Tourism Development Committee chairman Danny Law described the event at Thirty Two at the Mansion restaurant as the experience of a lifetime.
“The scenery is amazing during sunset and you can take in views of Komtar, the city and northern coastline all together,” he said.
Malaysian Association of Hotel Penang chapter chairman Khoo Boo Lim was thrilled by the unique dining setting.
“I’m a little afraid of heights; so I tried not to look down!” he quipped after the opening session for VIPs on Thursday.
Celebrity chef and media personality Anis Nabilah said the safety measures in place were very reassuring and it took her only a few minutes to get comfortable.
“The view was beyond words and the food equally sensational,” she added.
Datuk Brian Corvers, managing director of event organisers 2Spicy Entertainment, said they had been getting inquiries from all over Malaysia as well as Singapore.
“Only limited seats remain and we’re confident of selling out in the next few days,” he added.
Chief executive officer Arvin Randahwa said the event was one- of-a-kind, combining a ride with gourmet food.
“Penang being a food haven, we felt it fitting to continue the excitement generated by the inaugural dining-in-the-sky event in Kuala Lumpur last year,” he noted.
The event continues until March 27 and will feature two dinners daily on weekdays and three on weekends, priced at RM599 per person.
For bookings, visit

(The Star) ‘Prioritise high-density areas for LRT’

The proposed Penang LRT should go through more high-density areas, said Real Estate & Housing Developers Association Malaysia (Rehda) Penang branch deputy chairman Datuk Toh Chin Leong.
He said this was to ensure that the mega project would not run at a loss.
“Priority should be given to areas like Bandar Baru Air Itam or Queens-bay,” he said at a question-and- answer session after a briefing on the RM27bil Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) for Rehda at Komtar on Friday.
Earlier, PTMP project delivery partner SRS Consortium delivered a presentation on the plan which included seven public transport lines.
They are Bayan Lepas LRT; Air Itam monorail; Tanjung Tokong monorail; a tramline in George Town; Georgetown (The Light)-Butterworth (Penang Sentral)-Sg Nyiur LRT; Raja Uda-Sg Nyiur-Bukit Mertajam-Permatang Tinggi monorail; and Permatang Tinggi-Batu Kawan bus rapid transit.
SRS director Szeto Wai Loong said the state government would choose the LRT operator in an open tender.
To a question from Penang Rehda chairman Jerry Chan about acquisitions of private property and cemeteries for the project, Szeto said a few farm houses would be affected in the area where the Bayan Lepas LRT would be built.
He also said SRS and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd were looking into the expansion of the Penang airport, with the matter currently in the early stages of discussion.
Chan had said priority must be given to the expansion of the airport to accommodate the growing number of passengers.
Szeto said the detailed environ- mental impact assessment studies for the Bayan Lepas LRT and south coast reclamation were ongoing.
He added that the studies were expected to be completed and submitted to the Department of Environment by the end of this June.

(The Star) Good response for wharf project

The Gurney Wharf project has received positive feedback from the people so far.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said although the state was still waiting for more feedback from the Gurney Wharf exhibition, most of the response received on the proposed project was encouraging.
“Of course, there will be concerns about the impact on the environment but be assured that the state will give priority to the matter,” he said during his visit to the exhibition in Gurney Plaza on Saturday.
It was set up to collect public feedback on the project.
Lim also gave an assurance that the new waterfront project, which is expected to be fully ready by 2020, would be of international standard and be the pride of Penangites.
“The state government desires that our children will be proud of this project.
“It is a gift for all Penangites from the state government,” he said.
On Feb 23, Lim announced the massive recreational waterfront project which would include a seaside food and beverage area, water gardens, beach and coastal groves spanning some 1.5km of shoreline.
To be known as Gurney Wharf, the proposed seafront public recreation area will be created on a 24.28ha plot of reclaimed land, using concepts inspired by internationally acclaimed parks.
“To be recognised as a world-class state, we need a waterfront of international standard,” Lim said, giving examples of the waterfronts in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The public can give their views on the proposed master plan by submitting them in the feedback box at the exhibition area in Gurney Plaza until March 6.

(The Star) Fair out to get more furniture buyers

UBM Malaysia will be kicking off the 22nd edition of the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) tomorrow.
Happening from March 1 to 5, the fair will be the first to see to the alliance between UBM Asia and Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group, under the latter’s Trade Assurance Programme.
According to UBM Asia managing director (Asean Business) M. Gandhi, the programme was previously limited to Chinese manufacturing companies and has never been done beyond the country.
“Malaysia is the first country where this programme will be carried out; we have carefully selected 100 Malaysian furniture manufacturers for this,” he said.
Gandhi noted that through the programme, Alibaba will vouch for the standards and quality of product as well as the delivery time, or buyers’ money back.
“The whole idea of this is to encourage more export and to get more buyers into Malaysia,” he said.
In addition to the programme, the 100 manufacturers will also be listed as “gold suppliers” in which they will be the first to be prompted in relevant searches and enquiries at Alibaba’s site.
“UBM’s collaboration with Alibaba Group extends the online experience to the floor as interested buyers can register through the website and meet the manufacturer here in Malaysia, after which they can go back to O-and-O (online to offline marketing),” added MIFF general manager Karen Goi.
The five-day exhibition is expected to draw 20,000 visitors.
The five-day exhibition is expected to draw 20,000 visitors.

Gandhi said the pilot programme here can be a test to measure how Malaysian exporters can go beyond.
“The programme will be free of charge for selected manufacturers from March to May, but should they wish to continue, Matrade is ready to extend their support,” she added.
The strategic alliance is a global agreement between UBM worldwide and Alibaba Group.
Speaking at the press conference, MIFF chairman Datuk Dr Tan Chin Huat said MIFF was a 100% exporters’ avenue.
“Over the last two years, exhibition scales and export performances have been on a low and participants have also sized down.
“But MIFF remains strong because of the trade fair’s nature, which is export,” he highlighted.
He also said that MIFF forecasts the total export sales to grow by 5%.
“We hope to surpass US$900mil this year, from US$865mil last year.”
The fair will take place at two locations simultaneously – Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) and the Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC) – taking up a total of 80,000sqm in space.
Five hundred furniture manufacturers and exporters from 14 countries will be exhibiting its products, including Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Vietnam, United States, Spain, Italy, France and Finland.
Marking another first for the fair, Japan will also be participating in the exhibition.
“Six Japanese manufacturing companies will be joining in, and this marks the first time they have taken part in an overseas exhibition.
“We have received word that many buyers are anticipating Japanese fine furniture,” Goi shared.
The five-day exhibition is expecting to draw 20,000 visitors, of which 6,000 are international buyers from 140 countries.
The opening ceremony at Seri Pacific Hotel tomorrow, will see the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi while International Trade and Industry Minister II Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan is set to attend the Buyers Night, which will take place on March 2 at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur.
Among other highlights include the Furniture Excellence Award, Best Presentation Award and MIFF Furniture Design Competition prize presentation ceremony as well as industry seminars featuring speakers such as Shinichi Mitsuki from Mitsui Designtec Co Ltd in Japan, as well as Australia Furniture Associations (AFA) chief executive officer Patrizia Torelli.
In addition, Gandhi shared that MIFF will increase its show size by 25% in 2018 in line with the completion of Matrade’s new venue, MITEC, by the year end of 2017.
“With the new venue in place, we will be able to segment exhibitors accordingly – office and mass market manufacturers at PWTC as well as house and home market manufacturers at MITEC,” he said.

(The Star) Celebrating with their buyers

Low Yat Group recently ushered in the Year of the Monkey with its existing and potential buyers at the Bandar Tasik Puteri sales gallery in Rawang.
The atmosphere was relaxed yet festive as guests were treated to various performances and activities as well as refreshments.
Much to their delight, they had the opportunity to take photos with the God of Prosperity and Monkey King when they made special appearances.
The joyful celebration kicked off with the senior management and staff gathering for a yee sang-tossing session.
It was then followed by an acrobatic lion dance at the entrance of the sales gallery, and a lion dance performance around the sales gallery.
The Low Yat Group also took the opportunity to introduce the latest phase of Acacia Park to guests following the successful launch of Acacia Park phase 3A last October and a 100% sales achievement in less than six months.
Nestled in the heart of Bandar Tasik Puteri township, Acacia Park phase 3B has 123 units of double-storey terrace houses with an average built-up area of 1,850sq ft.
Each unit comes with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with prices starting from RM520,000.
Sitting on 3ha of land, the gross development value for Acacia Park phase 3B is RM68mil.
Low Yat Group director Lee Kok Wah said although the property market might be soft, the Group’s properties were still selling well.
“Most of our buyers are those who buy to stay instead of investing.
“Most of them also come from places outside Rawang such as Segambut, Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Penang, and Ipoh.
“Besides offering affordable homes, Bandar Tasik Puteri is one of the sought-after locations as it is a self-sustained township with a 27-hole golf course, 12.9ha central park, residential club house, schools, banks, commercial area and more.
“To-date, the township has a population of 65,000,” explained Lee, who added that Bandar Tasik Puteri is the largest township in North Klang Valley, spanning across 1,080ha. Bandar Tasik Puteri township has 526ha of land yet to be developed.
In terms of access, travelling to Kuala Lumpur will be more convenient with the Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR) interchange, which is currently under construction and will be ready by 2017.
It is also easily accessed by the Guthrie Corridor Expressway and North-South Expressway (NSE).
Acacia Park phase 3B is now opened for registration, and is expected to be completed by 2018.
For details, log on to, call 03-6093 5188 or visit the show unit at the Bandar Tasik Puteri sales gallery.

(The Star) Indulging in spicy comfort food

When Brix Union Restaurant and Bar owner Suzianna Wong-Svrcula told me she would be serving me 10 dishes for dinner, I was shocked.
Lucky for me, I was told I could bring reinforcements.
As I chowed down my third or fourth meat dish of the night, I couldn’t think of the word to best describe the emotional roller coaster I was going through for the past hour or so.
It started with a feeling of excitement, then enjoyment before quickly turning into “too full to function”.
Let’s start first with the appetisers.
Stuffed Chillies with chicken ragout, cheese and smoked paprika.
Stuffed Chillies with chicken ragout, cheese and smoked paprika.

We had Brix’s Guacamole, which comes with avocado, tomato, onion and chilli.
Wong-Svrcula chose the Asian-style starter so we munched on emping, which is similar to keropok.
When eaten on its own, the emping pieces (made from the melinjo nut) that have been sprinkled with paprika taste bitter but the condiments add on a different layer of flavour.
The bitterness is tempered by the guacamole.
The Avomela, which is a mix of avocado, apple slices, Romaine lettuce, walnuts and blue cheese with tangerine dressing, is refreshing before a heavy meal.
I didn’t quite like the cheese mixed with the salad though as the texture and taste was too strong and cheesy for my liking.
Two appetisers which I liked were the Squid Crisps marinated with herbs and spices which came with Brix’s special sauce and Stuffed Chillies with chicken ragout, cheese and smoked paprika.
As its name suggests, the Squid Crisps were crispy, with a nice hint of spice.
I was a little apprehensive about eating the chilli so I dug out the meat with cheese but I later discovered it wasn’t fiery.
Cannelini Soup with beans, kale and a drizzle of truffle oil.
Cannelini Soup with beans, kale and a drizzle of truffle oil.

Even without the chilli, the tender meat and warm cheese was a nice twist on the Asian yong tau foo.
While waiting for the next two appetisers, we shared a bowl of Cannelini Soup, with beans and kale and a drizzle of truffle oil.
As conversations flowed during dinner, Wong-Svrcula’s son explained to us the concept of Brix Union.
He told us that the gastropub aimed to give patrons high-quality interpretations of comfort food and many of the dishes on the menu were suggested by owners and employees, and inspired by food from around the world.
The food here certainly checked the box for guilty pleasures.
Those who love spicy food will definitely need to give the eatery’s selection of ribs and the Grilled Ox-Tail a try.
The oxtail was marinated for 24 hours in a concoction of herbs and spices and finished with a demi-glace and pickled chillies.
I can honestly say I had not tried this meat like this.
Avomela, a mix of avocado, apple slices, Romaine lettuce, walnuts and blue cheese with tangerine dressing.
Avomela, a mix of avocado, apple slices, Romaine lettuce, walnuts and blue cheese with tangerine dressing.
Not only was the meat tender, it literally fell off the bone.
There is a dip to go with this dish, a baked cheesy onion dip which adds a sweet and cheesy taste to the spicy oxtail.
As we tasted the different main courses, I slowly started to see a pattern in the style of cooking – there was a preference for something spicy and the food was usually a take on Indonesian dishes.
The Low n Slow Ribs is the special house ribs with a rather sweetish flavour to it.
If I had to choose, I would take the spicy ribs, such as the Spiced Long Rib, marinated overnight in local spices then boiled, braised and finally, grilled and served with fragrant rice.
Then, there’s the Balinese grilled pork ribs simmered in sweet soy sauce with sambal glazing.
I could not pick a favourite spicy meat and they somehow reminded me of really good sambal dishes.
I’m not talking about the type of sambal with chilli seeds but the smooth ground chilli paste kind that elevates the taste of a dish.
The final dish was the Underbelly, a crispy-skin pressed pork belly with bread dumpling and sauerkraut.
By the time I had this, it was already cold so that could be the reason why one part of the meat was a little too tough to chew and the other was still soft with the crunchy top.
We left the restaurant with a takeaway bag when none of us could bring ourselves to dig into the Gambit, a Cajun Chicken Breast and Smoked Paprika Aioli Burger.
The burgers here use brioche as buns and come with fries and a side salad.
BRIX UNION RESTAURANT AND BAR, No 51, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. (Tel: 03-2145 7100) Business hours: 4pm-2am (Sun-Mon) and 4pm-3am (Tues-Sat). Non-halal.
This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by StarMetro.